In every new chapter life writes for us, we find our own stories, and ourselves, evolving and transforming.

Oftentimes is it inevitable for things to change, but we should not let the fear of uncertainty take hold. Rather, we should be eager when something new takes root in our lives whether they may be another milestone, another addition to the family, or simply just another day you get to spend with the people you love. 

But looking forward to the future does not mean forgetting what has already passed, and here at Stories by Mina, we’ll document those instances before they vanish. Photography is a gift we would like to share by capturing those moments as they are. We want to give you something tangible to look back on when you reminisce, as well as something that could encourage you to look forward to what may come next. We here at Stories by Mina know how important it is to celebrate every single one of life’s winding ways that we undertake with the people who walk these paths with us — so let’s celebrate together.